Project: R-M Residence

Year: 2004

Location: Indianapolis

Located in one Indianapolis’ downtown historic neighborhoods of Herron Morton Place, the new residence had to meet the design guidelines, review and approval of the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC). The project was situated across the street from early 1900 two-story framed residences that had established a strong street presence.

The owner’s sought a house that would reflect their clean and contemporary styling and furnishings. The historic neighborhood design guidelines mandated that new construction reflects and provides context for its surrounding environment. The design approach was to utilize a simple gable formed house with height and proportions to the adjacent houses. The traditional details for the eaves, gables, trim were omitted, allowing for the clean expressions of the vernacular gable form. The placement of windows are expressed either with a simple punched opening or as plane of glass that extends from floor to ceiling to second floor. The play of plane to plane on the exterior is continued in the interior details, with simple horizontal and vertical planes interacting in the Kitchen, stairway, and ceiling bulkhead.